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Affiliate Program

Earn more with Linkpad!

Partners are charged 2.5% (25% of the Exchange commission) of the sum of expenses of the referred users - advertisers and 2.5% of the income of the listed webmasters.

The basis for calculating affiliate income are accruals in SeoTraf and the Exchange. Income is credited daily to the user's personal account.

Linkpad team constantly works with users, improving and supplementing analysis and promotion tools. Thanks to this, the revenue of Linkpad partners is increasing every month.

Affiliate Link Example:

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.linkpad.ru?e=DfJrAuv">Any Text</a>

It’s important to use the href attribute in the link you post (in the example: 'http://www.linkpad.org?e=DfJrAuv')

You can post a link anywhere - on your blog, on forums or in articles. Please do not forget that it is considered polite to warn readers that the link is an affiliate.

Please note: all types of spam are prohibited. In case of confirmation of spam activity of the user, his partnerships are canceled.


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