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For Developers

Linkpad.Xml allows you to get up-to-date information about the number of donors, links, anchors and a number of other indicators of the site. The Linkpad.Xml service is provided on the 'as is' condition.

GET-Request example

Server XML-response:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<index date="01.05.2011">8320</index>
<hin l1="64" l2="1860" l3="54123" l4="110763">166810</hin>
<din l1="32" l2="103" l3="180" l4="122">396</din>
<hout l1="2" l2="1410" l3="19588" l4="1172">22172</hout>

Description of elements

host The name of the host for which the data is output
indexnumber of indexed pages (date - date of the last update)
mrnumber of domain mirrors
ipnumber of domains on the same IP
hinnumber of links to the domain (l1, l2, etc. - data on levels of nesting)
dinnumber of donors (l1, l2, etc. - data on levels of nesting)
houtoutgoing (external) links of the domain (l1, l2, etc. - data on levels of nesting)
doutnumber of recipients (domains referred to by this host)
anchorsnumber of found anchors
anchors_outnumber of outgoing anchors
igoodReferring sites In/Out
referring_ipsnumber of referring IP addresses
referring_subnetsnumber of referring subnets
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